Make it a Movie Night in Tucson

movie-theater1Whether you want to beat the summer heat, or be the first of your friends to catch the current blockbuster, Tucson theaters have everything you are looking for. Check out one of the many locations for the height of comfort, culture, and even low-cost options for the budget-conscious.

Movie Theater Seats So Comfy, You’ll Think You’re at Home

When you plan to spend 2-3 hours in a theater seat watching the latest flick, you should be comfortable. If you purchase tickets at one of the many Century Theatres in Tucson, you could get a luxury lounger, a reclining chair with plenty of room to spread out. Grab popcorn and a drink and settle in, because you might not want to leave.

Looking for an Indie Treasure? It’s Right Here in Tucson

Although many Tucson theaters are known for their wide availability of the most popular films, Loft Cinema provides a fun alternative. If you visit Loft Cinema, you will be treated to an independent movie theater experience that specializes in independent, classic and documentary films. You can also partake in some high-end snacks and drinks while you are there.

Most Affordable Night Out at the Movies in Tucson

At the University of Arizona, the Gallagher offers tickets for the low price of $3, and some nights have double features. Don’t forget the movie snacks, which are also affordable enough for the average college student.

A night of thrills, drama or comedy is waiting when you go to one of these Tucson movie theaters. You can find just the right combination of price, comfort and style. To discover how you could enjoy Tucson entertainment as a local, contact Marsee Wilhems today!