Economic times are tough.  If you watch the news, you already know that the foreclosure rate in the US is at an all time high; and that does not even count the hundreds of thousands of mortgage defaults (those in pre-foreclosure).  Are the alternatives?  You bet!

I commend you for seeking expert advice and educating yourself on the options home owners have in today’s market.

Whether you are pre-foreclosure or simply looking to move, but your home’s value is upside down, a Short Sale could be the solution you are looking for.

To put it simply, a short sale occurs when the bank agrees to accept less money to pay off the loan than they are owed.  The good news is, that the banks we are working with are finally starting to come around… and many would rather work with us on a short sale, than take your home back in foreclosure.

So we are here to help.  With our short sale programs:

  1. Your home is sold “AS-IS”.  You make no repairs.
  2. No equity at all is required, whether we buy your home or negotiate the short sale on your behalf.
  3. We work with your bank/lender directly.  Minimizing the hassle on your part and making for a smoother transaction from start to finish.
  4. We understand the process, start to finish.  Having been in the mortgage and real estate industries for more than 15 years, we know what the banks need to get your home sold fast.  We walk you through, step by step.  Taking the fear and anxiety out of the process.

We have assisted thousands of home sellers in the Tucson AZ area.  We know what it takes to get your home sold, for the most money, in the least amount of time, and with the fewest hassles.

Let us help you get your home sold, negotiate your Short Sale, and get on with your life, Debt Free!

Simply complete the form below to request a no obligation consultation on what your options are, what is the best decision for you and your family, and how we can help you make it all happen.

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